Character Sketch – Sachin Tendulkar – My Role Model

A role model for many and revered by his fans as the “God of Cricket”, Sachin is one of the greatest legends of the game. He is an institution in himself. He possessed incredible batting skills and hence had a penchant of breaking records.

Sachin has a short & stout body structure and bears a crop of curly hair on his cricketing head. Throughout his career and post retirement, he has always been a fit sportsperson. Every time he represented the country and wore the Indian cricket team’s uniform, he looked thoroughly graceful.

His self-belief coupled with hard-work paid him rich dividends throughout his tenure as a cricketer. The entire cricketing fraternity throughout the world deeply respected him for his humility, soft-spoken-ness and always keep learning attitude.

Not only was he a world class batsman, but also a great human being. Thus, his strong and unflinching dedication towards cricket made him a true star of the sport.