Short Story (Fiction) – Forever & Never

As I look down from heaven, I wish the bond between us remains immortal and eternal. I have cherished each and every moment spent with you. I am extremely grateful to God for the purpose he brought to my life through you. I am convinced that my love for you was pure in the real sense – the kind which could move mountains. There will come a day when you will be joining me up here and I will joyfully embrace you, but before that, I have a story to tell.

As I waited outside the hospital room, I felt a sense of vulnerability. The words of that old saintly man reverberated in my ears. He was supposed to be a re-incarnation of Buddha. It spoke of my one and only wish which would be granted, provided I confessed my true feelings to her. Right since adolescence, I had to deal with such similar inner conflicts on quite a regular basis. However, this confusion reached its peak ever since she was given a fortnight to live.

It all started few months ago when I first met Sarah at a common friend gathering. As soon as we met each other, I knew she was someone special to me, someone really close to my heart – literally my soulmate. With time, our friendship grew in great proportions. Today, here I stood having no option left. In a way, my affection for her was a positive emotion, but I had never gathered the courage to express myself with freedom. I always feared whether the love was also reciprocal.

As she lay in bed in the midst of her first chemotherapy session, for the sake of Sarah’s miraculous recovery, I decided to pen down my thoughts and post them to her later. No sooner did I complete this than Sarah was discharged from her room. I immediately got through the hospitalisation procedures and we left to drop Sarah home.

Within a matter of few hours after I dropped Sarah, she received a call from my mother stating that I had met with a car accident. The head-on collision had injured my body beyond recognition. They had recovered a piece of paper from my pocket which read: “My love for you started with forever and will end with never. You are etched in my heart and today I finally want to tell you – I love you.” Unfortunately, it was the day, Steve died.

Often, we need to make sacrifices as a test of our faith and trust in our inherently good knowing-side and to the compassionate divines above. I will be away from you for a long time, but my love for you will always remain faithful.

Sarah was perplexed by the revelations she had just experienced. She awoke, with eyes wide open, only to conclude that it was all just a dream.


Character Sketch – Sachin Tendulkar – My Role Model

A role model for many and revered by his fans as the “God of Cricket”, Sachin is one of the greatest legends of the game. He is an institution in himself. He possessed incredible batting skills and hence had a penchant of breaking records.

Sachin has a short & stout body structure and bears a crop of curly hair on his cricketing head. Throughout his career and post retirement, he has always been a fit sportsperson. Every time he represented the country and wore the Indian cricket team’s uniform, he looked thoroughly graceful.

His self-belief coupled with hard-work paid him rich dividends throughout his tenure as a cricketer. The entire cricketing fraternity throughout the world deeply respected him for his humility, soft-spoken-ness and always keep learning attitude.

Not only was he a world class batsman, but also a great human being. Thus, his strong and unflinching dedication towards cricket made him a true star of the sport.